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This is honestly a first for me, SO I figure I'd at least advertise it to show my appreciation. The video is an interesting art film. Give it a watch if you're interested.

Here's the link:


And if you're curious about which track they used, here's the link to my song

So I made an album, sort of.

2016-04-21 12:39:19 by codeb1219

             So a while back when I posted my song Pioneer, I decided that I wanted to make an album that included said track. I spent a couple months working off and on again to do just that.

My original goal was to make a minimum of seven tracks, including Pioneer as the title track for the album.

Unfortunately my life took an unexpected turn in a negative direction and I had to abandon the project. That was about ten months ago. Things have been slowly getting better, but I still have a lot to deal with. Now I actually did make a few tracks before I stopped indefinately, although falling short of my seven track limit. Its more like four tracks with an intro track tacked on. These files have been sitting on my hard drive for almost a year, and for the most part they're as complete as I can get them.

I've decided to post them now because I just want them to be heard now. Maybe some day I'll complete the album by adding more tracks, but it most likely won't be happening any time soon.

Here are the links to my (unfinished) album: PIONEER

Track 1: Intro

Track 2: Booting

Track 3: Limitless

Track 4: Pioneer (the title track)

Track 5: Meadow


If you could give them an honest listen, let me know what you think. Maybe show them to your friends. My goal was never to make money off of this album, I just wanted to put something out there I'd be proud of making.

Anyway, I'd also like to thank the people who've listend and ejoyed my work since I first started making music. I do plan on getting back into that part of my life, but it will definately be a while.


New Song

2015-02-14 20:38:27 by codeb1219

I want to make sure this has a much coverage on this site as possible. I spent a long time working on the damned thing, the least I deserve is an honest listen. The link is below.







Here's the link:

Happy Birthday to me.

2014-12-19 22:13:54 by codeb1219

I might be a smug self centered bastard by saying this, but today is my birthday, and I felt like announcing it to you all. Do what you want with that information.

Not so bad news

2014-12-19 22:03:43 by codeb1219

Well, I recently got a "new" computer (i.e. an old computer I've fixed up) and am fully capable to continue working on FL Studio again, I'm in a much better mood. So yeah, I can work with this.

Bad news

2014-06-27 11:55:06 by codeb1219

Well, my pc finally died, and I lost my job, all in the same day no less.

Unfortunately, I don't have the funds to get a new computer at the moment, and the lack of income surely isn't going to help.

So for the time being, I regret to inform you guys that I won't be able to make, let alone post any music for the forseeable future.


This sucks

New Song Up

2014-02-18 22:23:33 by codeb1219

After fighting a serious case of creative blockage, I've mad another new song.


Yay, I'm not completly lazy. By the way, heres the link:

Ok, I'm doing stuff again

2014-01-31 18:07:54 by codeb1219

Well, I'm back into the swing of creative things for now. Hopefully it'll last for a while.

Well, I know I said I was working on some new music, but some stuff just kinda went south in my life, and now I have to clean up the mess. I don't know when I'll be able to continue making music, and that just bums me out a lot.

Hopefully I can get this stuff sorted out quickly, but just in case I can't, I apologize in advance.

New stuff might be coming soon

2013-08-15 23:58:36 by codeb1219

No promises, but I've been fooling around with some of my works in progress, and I might be releasing some new stuff in the near future. It all depends if I can complete them enough to warrant posting. Some of them have a lot of potential, but are just missing something to make them worthwhile, and that's what I'm working to find. Hopefully I can get something good going soon.